March 10, 2014
Common housekeeping duties which you are expected to perform

Men and women seem to be busier today than they were in the past as they are doing other activities aside from their job. Because of this, spending time in dealing with their household tasks has become unachievable. This is the good reason why the need for housekeepers is starting to improve once more. A housekeeper’s work is good and sustainable, and only little specifications are demanded in order to be eligible in this kind of work. However, there are a number of things that you should know first prior to making an application in this specific occupation. 

Tasks of a Housekeeper

In this type of job, hope that you will be going through a series of housekeeping duties which will be assigned to you by your hiring manager. All round housecleaning chores as well as house routine maintenance are involved. This is the good reason why it is of highest significance to be aware of the details. Keep in mind that as a housekeeper, wiping out all the trash and dirt is required because overall cleanliness will be desired by your supervisor in their house. 

Services such as dog strolling and working as a personal secretary to your supervisor are a few of the other things that you can perform aside from the common housekeeping duties. In this perception, the services that you perform for the family are certainly helpful. This only implies that you’ll become one member of the family. You have to be a team player when it comes to dealing with the other housekeepers. You need to be sure that the chores that are assigned to you will be finished and you must show helpfulness to your fellow housekeepers as well. 


Looking for a Housekeeping Job 

By going to any kind of job institution, you can eventually get a housekeeping job. You may also have this work through private jobs. Making outstanding housekeeping resumes is really necessary regardless of how you plan to get into this type of work. The resume lets you to make a very good impression to a prospective employer even before your first meeting. There’s no need to be anxious about the specific rule in terms of the resume’s format or how it must be drafted because there is simply none. Simply be sure that it looks formal, easily readable, and contain precise details about you. 

The imperative info to be included in housekeeping resumes are your basic information, educational attainment, capabilities, and job experience. It would be helpful in your side if you have past 6 months experience in housekeeping even if this is not regarded as necessary. The truth is, lots of companies would opt for housekeepers who have been through a special housekeeping training. Be sure to feature in your resume if you have abilities and training about housekeeping job description such as cooking food or baby sitting. There’s no need to jot down your previous employment with regards to your job experience. In this, all you need to include are the pertinent jobs and also the previous job you have. 

Certain companies have their very own specifications so you have to account for them. Well, certain companies need to get a housekeeper in order to carry out special chores that they cannot perform by themselves. That’s why you should understand what exactly the housekeeping job description is. In this manner, you will have an idea regarding the expertise required for the job and you will realize if meeting your employer’s standards can be done.

March 9, 2014
My basic housekeeping tips

Housekeeping tasks involve quite a lot of different types of work. Here are some activities, which a housekeeper is expected to perform daily.

Disposal of rubbish is the most basic chores in housekeeping. Every house will generate a lot of rubbish everyday, ranges from cans, plastics, and papers, cooking leftovers. It will require daily disposal of the trash , otherwise the house will be smelly. Rubbish can again be divided into recyclable and non-recyclable. It would be good if you have the time to separate them, as this will sure help mother’s nature if everyone contributes his/her part.

Sweeping the floor and dusting should also be part of the daily cleaning process. Dirty surfaces will cause people to suffer from sickness such as sneezing and breathing problems. So this is very important to clean as often as possible. Dusting involves cleaning the cabinets and furniture with wool duster and wiping with a wet cloth. After dusting, then you will want to clean the floors, either by sweeping or by using a vacuum cleaner. Maybe not daily, but you will want to mop the floor at least once every few days to make sure the house is free from dust.

Once, i have skipped cleaning the floors for several days as I was lazy, you just can’t expect the mess i have to clean. Consistent is really the key here. Never get lazy or it will turn into a nightmare. Don’t forget that you have your family to help you. Prepare a duty roster and assign your family members to help you out. This will reduce your workload and give them a chance to learn how much workload you have to keep them happy.

There are a lot more to housekeeping. It takes time to learn and experience to know which way will be more suitable to clean certain things, such as ovens, wooden floor and etc.

March 8, 2014
Hiring a live in housekeeper

Have you ever consider hiring a live-in housekeeper? It can be very good experience but it can be ugly as well. It is really important to make a good background checks on the maid you want to hire, as this person is one who will be staying with you and may become part of a family of yours.

Come out with a proper list of task you expect he/she to do. Interview the hell out of her to gather as much info as possible. Ask about task she feel not comfortable to do and her expected salary. A maid who has a criminal background is definitely a no, you will need to find someone you can trust. I have seen numerous news that a live in maid had stolen something or even committed murdered. Trust me, you will not want this to happen. You will need to ensure the live-in housekeeper you are hiring will have a positive attitude and come with a clean background.

A good housekeeper will really save you a lot of headache. But for her to perform great, it is best that you have a list of duties and schedules which are expected for her to follow. Treat your housekeeper as your family, this is very important, it will be very tiring to work with strangers and even live with. Try to monitor as she do her work, and hands off slowly so you can focus on more important things to do. One of the important thing to do is take care of your own children. I saw a lot of mistakes parents made once they hired their maid. They left all the feeding and cleaning of the children part to the maid!! At the end, what does this result into? FAMILY PROBLEMS, and you child will become closer to the maid instead of you.

March 6, 2014
Should I Hire A House Cleaning Helper?

I have been wondering, should I really hiring a new helper to keep my house clean? Let’s talk about a little bit of history.

Previously , I do have a part time maid coming in and tidy my house once in a while. It has been great , unfortunately she had to return back to her hometown one day due to some family issues and never did comeback.

After that I had been doing house cleaning by myself. It’s fine, however I feel that instead of making the compromise , it would be better for me to invest the time in doing my own thing. It would save me a lot of headache and also be much more profitable for me.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons. One of the cons is budget, I would need to set aside a part of my salary to budget for it. However, this can be easily changed by the fact that I had more time to work on my own thing which will generate much more profits. The other con is that it is hard to find a good housekeeper and I would need to be at home unless I can find someone really trustworthy. Well the pro is that I do not need to waste my precious time on doing housework anymore. I will have more time to invest in my family and my business. I will also be able to stop worrying and learning about how to clean all the mess made by my children.

Seems like, by far the pros outweights the cons. Although it is not easy to find a good housekeeper, i guess it is worth it in the long run. That’s it, I have decided that I would hire a part time maid to help me. Let me know if you guys have anyone in mind that can help me out .

March 5, 2014
How to perform a spring cleaning

Spring-cleaning is one of the most tedious time of the year. It involves a tremendous amount of task and workload. It will take not hours but days to finish up a spring-cleaning!!
From my experience, you will want to perform it during the holidays where you can get all your family to help. It is almost impossible to clean by yourself if you have a medium to big house like mine (two floors, and 6 rooms).

To perform a spring-cleaning successfully, it is a must to prepare a cleaning checklist. This will ensure that you will not leave out any part of the house, which needs to be cleaned. Then assign appropriate person to do suitable task. For example, do not ask your kids to clean the ceiling floor or kitchen utensils. It is very dangerous. Keep the harder things for yourself and other adults.

Here is some of the common task of spring-cleaning which we normally missed out when performing a daily cleaning.
i) Organize the drawers and closets
- These are always the hidden mess in my house, and unless you are super careful, I believe yours will be the same. Basically get rid of unused stuff and organize the remaining. Of course, it would be even better if you keep it tidy the whole time, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

ii) Removing stains and odors
- Stains can be found everywhere in your house if you do not clean it properly. It can be found on the shower doors, floors, cabinets and windows. Always find suitable cleaning kits such as magic eraser, which you can find in Amazon to save you a lot of work.

iii) Carpet cleaning
- During normal cleaning, normally i will vacuum the carpet to make sure it is dust free. However, it is advisable to send the carpets to professional cleaners to wash at least twice per year to keep the bacteria off.

These are the tasks I have thought of and hope it provides some use for you guys.

March 4, 2014
How to charge for house cleaning


When you start doing house cleaning as part of your services, you may wonder one thing. How much should you charge? You will want to earn as much as you can, but you are afraid of losing your client to other competitors.

So, how much should you charge? Well, basically it depends on quite a few things and I would want to highlight a few things that you should be aware of.

There is no way you can be the cheapest of the cleaning companies, especially when you start small. Try to call your competitors and act as if you are trying to look for a suitable cleaning service. Do not be afraid to ask them why they charge that amount. They will be willing to tell as long as you don’t sounds like a spy. Be natural!!

Enter all the info into a spreadsheet and get the average. That’s the minimum amount you should technically charge. However, you may have to adjust your cleaning rates based on different scenarios, if there is too many clients you can handle, raised your rates or drop off some of the existing clients.

Try to contact an insurance broker and had yourself covered so you do not have to worry if you accidentally damages some of your clients’ things. It would be good it you prepare several different charging packages, so your client can choose whatever fits them.

1. One time cleaning - this should be charged per hour.
2. Weekly cleaning - You can decide on a fix price with your client if you are doing long-term business with them. This will give them a good idea on the budget and they do not have to worry about being overcharged.
What I wrote here is basically just an universal guidelines. You should amend it based on your scenario. However, there is one last piece of advice that I would want to give you, Always listen to your client’s feedback and ensure they are satisfactory with your service if you want to have a long term client.

January 30, 2014
First Post

Hi , this is my blog, which will be blogging about ways of house cleaning. For an introduction, i would like to introduce myself. I am 29, am always interested in keeping my house clean. You won’t be able to find any dirt on my house =)  So basically this blog is to share my experience in showing my ways to keep the house clean,.  

For me, house cleaning is about consistency. This is the most important step. You need to take a daily routine of performing some cleaning task. Trust me, otherwise you will slack of , and would get lazy and more lazy. Your house will be in a big mess. Trust me, I have been through all of these.  

Of course , this doesn’t mean that you need to clean every part your house daily. This actually means  proper planning to ensure that your follow a proper house cleaning schedule. What you can do is to make a few types of schedule, to divide to different types of cleaning duties into different ranges.  Put those which require extra efforts into a weekly or month schedule, A good example of the task would be about changing the bedsheets, cleaning the ceiling fans, clearing the refrigerators etc. This type of work will be too tedious to do daily and will be good enough to do weekly or even monthly.

For daily task, it will involve sweeping the floor, doing laundry, wiping off the dust from tables and cabinets , cleaning the windows and other miscellaneous task. All of these may sound tedious for one, however if it becomes overwhelming, you can create a duty roster schedule , and you can assign different task to your family members. This is a great way for your family member to contributes in keeping the house clean.  

So this is basically my cleaning strategy. For the next few posts, I will show you guys in more details how I go through individual task, and some cleaning tips to help you guys to perform housekeeping duties easily.